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I always wanted to study a lot of things.


Understanding the world intrigued me. I could not link parts of certain things about the way the world operates even though I tried hard. 

In 2014, I embarked on a self motivated goal of reading 200 books of all kinds - psychology, history, philosophy, economics, self-help, medicine, finance, decision science, meditation, scriptures. I completed my journey in 2020 and felt a deep need to share certain things that I'm confident can make a good life in a complicated world.  


I'm an engineering graduate of IIT Delhi - India. I work in Data Sciences for a living and am a practising Astrologer (Jyotisha). I have been meditating since more than two decades now, it settled and unsettled me in unique ways. And my desire to know the world deeply increased with time. At a point in my life, I began gaining conceptual knowledge for my mental models were weak and obsolete. I have been writing on Quora for a while now, and am just starting to speak my mind on life elements that matter. 






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